Why Dive?

There's no other way to see below the surface quite like SCUBA diving. For thousands of years humanity has plied the waves for the sake of commerce, for exploration, and for adventure. Across those millennia, all manner of craft, both marine and submarine, have found their last resting place at the bottom of the sea. These artifacts of human endeavor are even more accessible through our inland waterways. Countless rivers, lakes, quarries, and canals are repositories of any number of planes, cars, trains, and other structures. Even more importantly, the biosphere that exists beneath the surface supports an incredible diversity of life forms from fish to mammals to invertebrates. For unmeasured years, life has ebbed and flowed within the deep, and we as humans have barely even scratched the surface or cataloged the myriad life forms in our oceans. SCUBA diving opens a unique window on the 95% of our underwater world that has yet to be explored. From the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, to the fresh water lakes and quarries of Virginia, every dive site offers new and challenging experiences.

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