Open Water Diver

Prerequisite(s): Age 10 and over.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the entry-level class that will provide beginning divers with the skills necessary to begin their exploration of a new and exciting underwater world. The course consists of classroom and confined water training, followed by four open water certification dives.

The base cost of this course is $499.00. This price includes:
• Confined Water and Open Water Instruction
• PADI Crew Pack (logbook, RDP table and instruction book, etc.)
• Pool Fees
• Quarry Fees
• Certification
• Equipment provided to include: Regulator w/ gauges, Buoyancy Compensator, Weight Belt w/ weights, Tanks, and Wet Suit, depending on size. (Please note this does NOT include mask, snorkel, booties, and fins; see below for details)
• Divers Alert Network (DAN) Student Insurance (optional)

The best and most convenient option is e-learning. This process allows the student to log on to the PADI website, sign up for the e-learning program, and study online for the entire classroom session. By using this online option, students can take all quizzes and the final exam online, progressing at their own pace in their spare time. Having completed the appropriate coursework, students can then print out all of the necessary paperwork and bring it with them to the first pool session where the instructor will review their coursework and provide a short test prior to beginning class instruction. The cost of e-learning is $169.00 and is paid directly to PADI. This cost is in addition to the base price of certification ($499.00).

The confined water training sessions include: equipment handling and maintenance, an introduction to basic underwater skills, and 24 specific skills that the student will show proficiency in during confined water training. There will be three to four classes scheduled for 4–5 hours per night, although it may last slightly longer with post dive equipment maintenance.

A short swim test will be conducted prior to or on the first confined water training session. This consists of a 200-yard swim or 300-yard mask, fin, snorkel swim, and treading water for 10 minutes.

The open water training/certification dives will be conducted at a local dive site (lake, river or quarry) and will consist of the 24 skills learned during the confined water training with plenty of dive time with your instructor and certified assistants. These four training dives are conducted over two days.

STUDENT MUST PROVIDE: Mask, Fins, Snorkel, and Booties. These items must be scuba diving quality. They are not provided by Seadragon Scuba because they are individual and personal pieces of equipment. They need to be fitted and tried on to ensure proper fit and comfort prior to pool sessions.

Students are also responsible for their lodging (if needed), food, and any incidental costs.